There is never a dull a moment life, nothing is more true than that. Don’t get me wrong I love the quiet moments, drinking a glass of wine, when you look down at your dog just curled up in their bed looking as though they were a precious little cherub.  Those quiet times though are surrounded by the bath time struggles of a miniature schnauzer who turns into a gremlin on crack when you put her in water.  Or better yet, the Doberman who likes to eat all the fur off of tennis balls, street treats, plastic squeakers, etc. and have an upset tummy to where he pukes and shits everywhere.  Have you ever been wearing white sweatpants standing directly behind a Doberman who is just standing at regular height and all of a sudden explosive diarrhea comes shooting out of his ass?!? No, well you’re lucky.  How else does one cope with this kind stress other than to have a glass or bottle of wine and enjoy the quiet moments.


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